Since its initial conception the photographic image has been influential in developing our realisation of an imprinted sense of geographical imagination contributing to the process by which we 'picture place'. From picture postcards to magazine illustrations, the reproduction of images and their subsequent circulation has served to manipulate our ideas of landscape and its connections to national identity. Are our perceptions culturally determined? Or is the sense of identification with the landscape of our homeland a personal reflection of our lives?

"To be placeless in one's remembering is not only to be disoriented; it is to be decidedly disadvantaged with regard to what a more complete mnemonic experience might deliver. Places serve to situate one's memorial life."

The Philosopher: E. Casey

My Father was a keen photographer and encouraged my endeavours to record my formative years and travels abroad, however, I did not take up photography seriously until returning to education in 1995. I had found exactly the medium I was looking for and my passion for photography has continued to dominate my life since that day.

Jacky Dillon
BA (Hons) Photography
MA Art Design & Media

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