Exhibition Information

Alice & The Looking Glass: Jacky Dillon

Exhibition: 22nd August - 2nd September 2017
Inspired by the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
The conversations between the young heroine and her adversaries take me back to a time 'where anything was possible and the unexpected seemed the natural order'.
Slowly Wonderland starts to make perfect sense and if we are mad thinking that .....
Petersfield Museum & The Flora Twort Gallery, St Peter’s Road, Petersfield GU32 3HU

Alice: Jacky Dillon & Anita Lawrence

Exhibition: 7th - 9th October 2016
In celebration of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
The exhibition mirrors Alice's struggle to find her way out of the situations she is faced with, dealing with constant flux and change as she travels through a strange, but not entirely unfamiliar land.
Through her many adventures we gain an understanding of the complexity of the human condition - as well as the consequences of rash decisions.
Gallery at Art Space, Art Space Portsmouth, 27 Brougham Road, Southsea, PO5 4PA

ENGLAND REMEMBERED: Jacky Dillon, Helen Crumpholt, Local Writers & Poets

Exhibition: 4th - 11th October 2014
England Remembered - Poetry & Performance
“The soldiers who sought to share the emotional turmoil of the Great War through their poetry and writings have inspired a group of modern day writers. Here the landscape appears as a metaphor for the passage of time, where the calm and tranquil settings serve only to accentuate the piercing words of the poets”.
The Soldier Poets have provided us with an extraordinary legacy. Their powerful and moving work confronts the trauma of conflict that we can only try to imagine as their words draw us ever closer to their experiences.
This exhibition brings together performances by local Writers and Poets exploring the thoughts of home of the soldiers facing battle and the aching grief of the families left behind.
Gasp, Art Space Portsmouth, 27 Brougham Road, Southsea, PO5 4PA

Men of Petersfield 1914-19: Jacky Dillon

Exhibition: 12th - 16th November 2013
'In Memoriam - Men of Petersfield 1914 -19'
‘Men of Petersfield 1914 -19' traces the history of the Great War through photographs and text gathered from local war memorials. Here the stories behind the inscriptions are revealed allowing us to slip back in time and contemplate the lives of the men and their families torn apart by conflict.
Join me as we follow the paths of those who left the peaceful town of Petersfield and its surrounding villages to fight for their Country.
Flora Twort Gallery, 21 The Square, Petersfield, GU32 3HS

In Memoriam II: Jacky Dillon

Exhibition: 3rd - 11th August 2013
Portsmouth's Memorials of the Great War
The original Cenotaph in the Guildhall Square was unveiled in 1921 and dedicated to Portsmouth's sons lost in the Great War 1914 - 1918. There are 4,735 names on this memorial. Portsmouth was not just a historic port, but also a garrison city and there are as many Army casualties listed here as there are Navy personnel.
What happened to these men and their families? Did they move away or do they still live in the Portsmouth area? If you have a story you would like to share please contact me at
The Round Tower, Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2JE

In Memoriam: Jacky Dillon

Exhibition: 5th May - 28th June 2012
Memorials of the Great War 1914-18
This exhibition explores the language of remembrance through imagery of local memorials of the Great War 1914-18. Photographs celebrating the diversity of these unique monuments are juxtaposed with text which opens a window on the personal lives of the men and those who mourned them.
Generations later it is almost impossible to comprehend the events that touched every household in every street with news of family, friends or neighbours. Their stories are hidden there just behind the inscriptions…
The book 'In Memoriam' - raising funds for the Charity 'Help for Heroes' is available to order on-line from
The Spring, Arts & Heritage Centre, 56 East Street, Havant, Hants, PO9 1BS

PERCEPTIONS OF: Jacky Dillon, Sharon Lock & Anita Lawrence

Exhibition: 27th September - 8th October 2010
"...just an image, but a just image" Roland Barthes Camera Lucida
I find myself scouring old family photographs hoping to rediscover the utopian sense of innocent fantasy and familial security. Like Roland Barthes’ search for the essential portrayal of his mother, I seek out traces of a former period in my life. This work addresses the dislocation experienced on revisiting my hometown and the submersion of fragmented childhood memories. This is both a reconstruction of a time of innocence and a reclamation of a family archive. A potent mixture of facts, feelings and half forgotten photographs blend together with images of treasured artefacts.
Gasp, Art Space Portsmouth, 27 Brougham Road, Southsea, PO5 4PA

BUDDING: Jacky Dillon

Exhibition: 3rd June - 21st August 2009
"Nobody sees a flower - really - it is so small it takes time - we haven't time - and to see takes time, like having a friend takes time."
Georgia O’Keeffe
Nature employs an exciting array of visual stimuli, embodied in the vibrant colours and sculptural forms within the ephemeral display of exotic flora. The minutiae of detail overlooked in the course of casual observation transformed by the photographic lens. I seek to redefine spatial relationships and explore pre-conceptions of these alluring subjects, revelling in the delicate play of light upon their exquisite shapes and fluid contours.
Theatre Gallery, Havant Arts Centre, Havant, Hants PO9 1BS

Scars Upon My Heart: Jacky Dillon

Exhibition: 27th March - 23rd April 2009
A solo exhibition of monochrome photographs exploring the complex relationships between memory and the geographical imagination.
“I was inspired by the poetry and verse written by women during the First World War to create a tentative bridge spanning the divide that developed between the two sexes. The terrible conditions suffered by the men in battle were mirrored in the turmoil experienced by the women at home, forced to endure the endless heartbreak of loss and sorrow”.
Scars Upon My Heart expressed the emotional anguish of women left behind. The desire to bear the scars their loved ones suffer and the torment of perpetual reminders revealed within their familiar surroundings.
At the Nineveh Gallery, Nineveh, 11 The Pallant, Havant, PO9 1BE