England Remembered (2014)

Poetry and Performance


To Germany
The Centenary of the Great War in 2014 offered the opportunity to re-visit my book 'England Remembered' created in 2008. Here the images of a very English Countryside were partnered with quotations from poetry and popular song lyrics from the period 1914-1918.

Following a meeting at an Open Mic session at Portsmouth's Aspex Gallery in February 2014 a group of local writers and poets have come together to create new work in response to 'England Remembered'. Their poetry will be performed at a live event from 6-8pm on 10 October 2014 at GASP, Art Space Portsmouth, 27 Brougham Road, Southsea, PO5 4PA.

Poet Soldiers of the Great War


Outward Bound
The Poet Soldiers of the Great War have provided us with an extraordinary legacy. Their powerful and moving work confronts the trauma of conflict that we can only try to imagine as their words draw us ever closer to their experiences.

The England Remembered Exhibition and Poetry Performance re-introduces the poetry written by the men who saw action at the Front including; Nowell Oxland, Alan Seeger, Robert Graves, Francis Brett Young, E.A. Mackintosh, Ivor Gurney, C.H. Sorley, Edmund Blunden, Francis Ledwidge, R.E. Vernede, E.W. Tennant, Edward Thomas and Rupert Brooke.

Modern Day Writers


After Action
Local Writers and Poets have joined together to provide a series of responses exploring the thoughts of home of the soldiers facing battle and the aching grief of the families left behind.

This work will be performed on 10th October 2014 by the Poets and Readers; Tom Gorman, Alison Hill, Simon Roots, Holly Green, Em Rahman, Timothy Barrow, Christopher Martin, Denise Bennett, Tanya Cowin and Brian Porter.

Photography and Animation


A Listening Post
“The soldiers who sought to share the emotional turmoil of the Great War through their poetry and writings have inspired a group of modern day writers. Here the landscape appears as metaphor for the passage of time, where the calm and tranquil settings serve only to accentuate the piercing words of the poets”.

Photographs by Jacky Dillon and Video Animation by Helen Crumpholt.